Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day Photos With Lindsey

This blog post (photos and captions) came to us in an email from Lindsey’s mom Cindy. Lindsey receives support services from imagine!, and her family had relatives in town for Father’s Day. The photos are from last Sunday, Father’s Day. Our thanks to Lindsey and her parents, Cindy and Dwight, for sharing these photos with us.

Lindsey, front right, with her arm around her Aunt Sandy.
Sitting behind them are Lindsey's Aunt Patty on the left, and
Lindsey's mom Cindy on the right.

Cindy wrote, "Lindsey swimming with her Uncle Michael. It was so great
since it was Father's Day, no one was at the neighborhood pool and we had
it all to ourselves. Lindsey was able to relax and really enjoy the moment."

Lindsey with her Uncle Michael hanging out in the back yard.

Lindsey, in the middle, with her dad Dwight and her Aunt Sandy.

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