Monday, January 28, 2013

Aneta Tells Us "My Mom Taught Me How To Read"

This blog post was provided to us in a face to face interview with Aneta, who is a resident at Foothills Group Home.  This is the third segment of the interview.

My mom taught me how to read. She told me that someday she’d be gone and she wanted me to know how to read. I like poetry, Emily Dickenson is one of my favorites. I had trouble with algebra though. When it got to letters instead of numbers, that was difficult. Mom was a teacher so I had to graduate from high school. I did graduate and it was the happiest day of my life. My brother knows calculus, and I’m lucky to know that one plus one equals two, but I can spell better than he can!

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  1. I met Aneta in 1979, when I was very fortunate to be hired at the BCBFDD as a case manager. She and I had our own bookclub. We checked the same book out of the Boulder Public Library and read it, she read faster than I.Her insights were wonderful as well as memorable , 34 years later. Thank you, Aneta for being a part of my life.