Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday January 4th Is Rae's Birthday

This blog post was submitted in three different audio emails by Rae, who is a resident of the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder, Colorado. Rae’s Primary Counselor, Max, provided some guidance to Rae by asking her some questions, and minor editing was made so Rae’s comments would be complete sentences. Way to go Rae, we appreciate you sharing this information with us.

For Christmas this year I went home for three days. I left on Monday and came back Wednesday. My Christmas was fine. I ate dinner with my family. We had ribs and macaroni and cheese, and pie and cake for dessert. I got presents that I liked too. Today I’m going to clean my room.

Yesterday I went to the zoo and saw a lot of stuff. I liked it. Brent went with me.

My birthday is January 4th.  That's tomorrow. I want to go out to dinner and I want eight people to come out to dinner with me. I think I will get some chicken. I like Three Margaritas. Brent and Whitney will be going with me too, they work on Friday. Maybe some people from Innovations (Imagine!’s residential department) will come too.

Pictured is a piece of art Rae made to give to her niece for her niece's birthday.  Now it's Rae's turn to have a birthday.

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