Tuesday, January 22, 2013

John Has A Busy Week Ahead

This blog post was sent to John’s friend Gary via an audio email that John composed on his computer last Thursday at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome where John lives.

Hi. This is your friend John speaking. I’m sending the message email to you and I just want to say hello. Happy Thursday before Friday.

I want to let you know that next Thursday night I’m going to the Boulder Dinner Theater to see "42nd Street" which is really a fun thing. I’m going to the National Western Stock Show on January 26th, that’s on a Saturday, and then the prom after that. (John is attending a prom in Berthoud this Saturday night)  

I’ve got to let you know that my work in the Hungry Toad went really good. I hope you’ll come to that place (The Hungry Toad) and take a picture. I’ll talk to you later, bye.

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