Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gerald Speaks About His Upcoming Birthday

This blog post was submitted via an audio email from Gerald, who lives at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder. In this post, Gerald did not use his Dynavox computer to communicate, he vocalized his responses to questions he was asked by one of the staff members from his home. Gerald is very skilled at using his Dynavox, but he is also working hard to improve his oral communication skills. Although some of the questions presented to Gerald required only "yes" or "no" responses, Gerald seemed pleased to have had a successful interview for the audio email. 

Staff: What’s going on soon that you are excited about?
Gerald: My birthday.

Staff: Is it in February?
Gerald: Um hum.

Staff: February 10?
Gerald: Yeah.

Staff: If you could have one present for your birthday what would it be?
Gerald: A fire truck.

Staff: Do you get excited when you see the people around town when they’re fighting fires in their big truck? Gerald: Uh huh.

Staff: What else are you doing on your birthday? Are you going out?
Gerald: Going out to eat.

Staff: Do you know which restaurant you’re going to?
Gerald: Three Margaritas.

Staff: But you’re not going to have three margaritas are you?
Gerald: No.
Staff: OK, good. Happy birthday G.
This photo was taken last Saturday night at a dinner/dance Gerald attended in Berthoud.

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