Friday, January 4, 2013

Gerald Continues To Learn Using Technology

This blog post and photos were given in person by Gerald to a friend during his friend’s visit to the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome last Sunday.

Gerald continues to learn by using technology. He recently learned to count to 100 and now he is continuing to learn how to spell.

Using a finger switch, in the top photo Gerald is finishing typing the word "fishing." He chooses a row, then letter by letter, left to right, chooses the correct letter. This picture was taken just before he dropped down one row to successfully choose the "g."

Gerald's Dynavox is programmed so he can just choose the statement "I like to go fishing" but by learning to spell he may be able to go beyond what is programmed into his computer and communicate even more effectively.

Gerald's patience with the process is also really neat. If he clicks the finger switch just a moment too soon or too late which results in the wrong letter being chosen, he has to backspace, delete the incorrect letter, and go back to the upper left and start over for that letter.

Gerald is about to type in the letter "g" to complete the word "fishing."
He us using a finger switch to choose the correct letter.

Gerald takes a short break after correctly spelling out a word.

It's not all work and learning for Gerald.  Moments after successfully spelling three words it was time to enjoy the Broncos game.  Here is Gerald cheering right after the Broncos' first touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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